Door Window Regulator

The door window regulator is a mechanism that raises and lowers the door window glass on both power- and manually-operated window systems.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Door Window Regulator

  • Window may not go up or down
  • Window may make a lot of noise or stick intermittently
  • Glass might drop inside door

Door Window Regulator Related Repair Advice

  • Door window regulators can fail, but the door window motor may continue to operate as expected. In this case, if the motor tests okay and is available separately, only the regulator needs to be replaced.
  • The brackets that attach the window to the regulator can fail and can be replaced without replacing the window glass

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my son pushed on the window down,and the whole window went down,l managed to bring the window back up but the motor will not just makes a clicking sound.
I have a 2001 Cadillac DeVille, car has been well taken care of. In the last 11 months 3 window regulators have gone. Replaced one, few months later next one goes. They are expensive. Is this a Cadillac issue, I don't see it in recalls?