Toyota Celica Problem Report

Toyota Celica Power Steering Leak From Pump and/or Hose

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The power steering pump and power steering hoses tend to develop leaks and require replacement.

Power steering hose that runs from pump to rack and pinion has leak and requires me to top off the power steering fluid every three months. I am getting the pump replaced tomorrow at Midas including a flush, they are asking 258 dollars including labor, while the Pep Boys down the street were asking for 427 dollars! I know where I am taking my business from now on. -
leaking and pump and hose replaced by mechanic shop but after about three months leaks continued...same power steering leak. what can i do? -
change leakin hose -
Presently, now at approximately 230k miles, I've been going through a quart of "leak-stop" power steering fluid every 4-6 days. I'm getting ready to address the issue properly, as the focus had been on body work as of late due to an accident. -
I literally have to put power steering fluid in my car a few times a month. -
seal is leaking on pump, could not remove one hose, will take o repair shop. -
Pours fluid out of orig.pump replaced at dealership and was leaking again with in a week -
Power Steering hoses have been leaking for about 10000 miles -
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