Power Steering Pressure Hose

The power steering pressure hose carries the power steering fluid (under high pressure) from the power steering pump to the steering gear.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Power Steering Pressure Hose

  • Power hose may leak
  • Steering effort may increase
  • Low fluid level can cause abnormal noise from the power steering pump

Power Steering Pressure Hose Related Repair Advice

  • We recommend using factory power steering hose replacement parts because they fit exactly and may last longer than aftermarket replacement hoses
  • When replacing a power steering hose on European vehicles, we recommend flushing the entire system and replacing the power steering reservoir because these vehicles contain a filter that gets clogged after about 60,000 miles
  • Sometimes an engine oil leak is mistaken for a leaking power steering hose, especially if the power steering fluid is getting old. When power steering fluid gets old, it gets darker in color and looks very much like old engine oil.
  • Power steering systems have other fluid hoses in addition to the pressure hose. These hoses can also leak and may require replacement.

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