Q: Positive Battery Cable on 2002 Ford Focus

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Greetings. I am trying to figure out how to replace the positive battery cable that goes from the terminal to the interior electrical distribution center (I think?) not the one that goes to the starter. The actual connector has become completely corroded and I am thinking it just can't make a connection there (electrically). I took off my air filter housing and followed the cable - it molds into this other larger wiring harness it seems. Can I just snip the end at the terminal and replace just that or do I need to replace the entire cable (and how since it just goes into this other wire harness)? I can't seem to identify the name of the cable and/or where to find a replacement. Please help.
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It's highly unlikely that the cable is available separately, you would need to purchase the entire wire harness that it is a part of. Your best option is to remove the bad terminal and install a new one. There are universal ones available at parts stores, however getting them to work well can be tough. Without seeing the situation, it is hard to give specific advice. You may be able to find a 02 Focus in a wrecking yard and cut the needed part of the harness and splice that into your car.
Good Luck!