Q: plug under drivers seat on 2011 Volkswagen Jetta

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My friend tried my Jetta and wanted to pull the seat forward...but instead of pulling the handle he pulled on what seems to be this electronic plug??? I'm sooooo mad! I dont know where it came from or where it goes... HELP ME PLEASE
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Probably the plug for the heated seats. Your best bet is to go to alldata and get a wiring diagram for your vechicle. Otherwise, take the four nuts off around the bottom of the seat and tilt it back. You might be about to see the other half of the harness and plug it back in.
But the heated seat still works.... Is this plug stuck on with glue cause I dont see where it holds up under the bench...

Thanks for your help...
It is possible this plug is for an accessory your vechicle does not have. They will install wire harnesses in case it gets installed later or the harness is part of a group of wires and has to remain with them to complete the circuit. You may not have any use for this wire in your vechicle.