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Ford Explorer Plastic Intake Manifold May Crack Causing Coolant Leak

Ford Explorer Problem
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Model Years Affected: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010

Engines Affected: 4.0L V6, 4.0L V6 SOHC, 4.6L V8

Average Mileage: 112,850 mi (11,000 mi - 180,000 mi)


The composite (plastic) intake manifold may crack near the thermostat housing and cause a coolant leak. Ford released an updated manifold that was reinforced to prevent a recurrence. No recall was issued for this problem but Ford did extend the warranty to seven years on some models from the date of purchase.

  • , , 4.0L V6 SOHC, 106,500 mi

    Just got my 2008 Explorer back from the Ford Dealership for routine LOF and overall inspection. Was told I need a new upper thermostat housing ($375 including labor) and a new radiator ($655 including labor) because of leaks. My research indicates the former causes the latter. I never saw coolant on the garage floor. This appears to be a common problem and would appreciate Ford taking responsibility for installing a PLASTIC housing in an area that produces much heat. Cheap part for Ford, but very expensive to replace for their loyal customers.

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  • , , 4.6L V8

    Plastic thermostat housing leaking. Ford wants hundreds of dollars to replace it. So many problems with the 2002 Ford Explorers. Why would Ford use plastic!! Very angry.

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  • , , 4.6L V8

    my plastic piece cracked on the thermostat housing causing a coolant leak..and the problem has not been fixed yet..i need some money 2 help gettn it fixed because u have 2 replace the whole intake..

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  • , , 4.0L V6 SOHC, 133,000 mi

    Problem: coolant leak from plastic thermostat housing, coolant seeping from center where two plastic halves are pressed together.
    Solution: replaced housing (no way to repair plastic)

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  • , , 4.0L V6

    leaking coolant not going to the oil or on the ground but you can smell it when turn your car off

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  • , , 4.6L V8, 138,000 mi

    My Explorer overheated out of the blue one day. I filled it with coolant and when leaving for work the next day I noticed fluid that had leaked onto the ground.
    When my mechanic checked it out he said it was coming from the Intake Manifold area and it was the gasket.
    I bought a new gasket.
    When my mechanic got into the intake manifold he found out that part of the plastic was broken off. He put the gasket on and sealed it.
    After letting it sit a couple of days we started it up and it was STILL leaking.
    I have been without my vehicle now for 2 months because I don't know what to do!!!!
    The parts associate at the dealership where I purchased the new gasket said that there was a lawsuit regarding this problem but it only covered vehicles through 2001 and for a recall settlement we would have to get a new lawsuit started for vehicles 2002 and newer!!!

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  • , , 4.6L V8, 85,000 mi

    coolant leak after driving for so many miles

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  • , , 4.0L V6, 75,000 mi

    Had to replace the plastic thermostat housing & the o ring on the temp. Sensor. It now has 93,000 miles & I have changed the o ring 2 more times.

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  • second time had to replace thermosat housing due to crack ,leaking.

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  •  Rookie

    I am actually going through this right explorer overheated and the mechanic replaced the water hose, the next day it went hot again and it would not hold water where the antifreeze goes (yes I am a he is currently going to replace the air intake manifold gasket.

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