Q: pcv valve slugded up with light brown substance. (no milky oil) on 2002 Volkswagen Jetta

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oil cap was bouncing - so i changed the old pcv valve, which it and the hoses were clogged up was well, (oil cap stopped bouncing after) i cleaned everything out. the new one seemed to work great for about two days, the car drove great too. but the oil cap is bouncing again, car is laggy and unresponsive, gas mileage is way down, white smoke comes out of tailpipe only on startup along with a high idle until the car gets up to temperature.
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It sounds like the engine is sludged up. maybe you should remove the valve cover and clean it out, inspect the camshaft area.Also clean the intake throttle area it is probably sludged or carboned up with deposits. Go on line and look for results on Seafoam and see how fellows clean sludged up engines with that, the engine smokes a lot for a few hours afterward but may increase power and gas mileage.
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