Passenger window does not go up or down on 1995 Ford Windstar

The driver side and passenger side passenger window switch does not move the passenger window up or down.

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Have the window motor checked out by removing the door panel and checking to see if the switches are applying power to the motor and reversing the current polarity. This is how check this situation in a shop.
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My 2000 Windstar had the driver side window motor go bad in 2010. A rebuilt window drive motor was about $75 at NAPA. Remove the door panel. Remove the speaker. Remove the bolts from the drive motor. One bold is covered by the sheet metal of the inner door. A half inch drill can drill a hole over the bolt just large enough to get in a socket to remove the covered bolt. Unhook the electrical lead and swap out the motor for the rebuilt one. Hook up electrical lead and check to see of the switch now runs the motor up and down. The driver side motor tends to fail first just due to more use at toll gates and fast food places.