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Q: P0740 code TCC on 1997 Dodge Ram 1500

Owner complaint of shifting problems after driving thru high water. Retrived P0740 trouble code found lack of trans service, low fliud, and distinct humming sound when idling in N. What to do 1st, $ is issue.
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Your transmissions electrical connectors are virtually water proof as long as all seals are intact. Your Diagnostic code P0740- TORQUE CONVERTER CLUTCH - NO RPM DROP AT LOCKUP. Set Condition: The Torque Converter malfunctions that are detected are the Torque Converter not locking up properly when desired, and the Torque Converter not unlocking when desired. A minimum amount of improvement in Torque Converter efficiency is expected after the Torque Converter is locked. This expected minimum improvement will not be seen when the Torque Converter is malfunctioning. The Lock-up system is controlled by the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). Possible causes: Drive wheel size is bigger that standard wheel size or smaller than spare wheel size. Low Transmission oil level or pressure. PTU Solenoid not securely connected or stuck. Malfunctioning Lock-up valve in transmission. Hydraulic leaat torque Converter lock-up clutch (internal), Worn out friction material on friction disc in Torque Converter. Failed Differential; Powertrain Control Module failure; Worn out connector terminals and /or wires.

The fluid leaking from the converter area may be a result of overfilling. There is an overflow hole at the top of the Pump housing. Avoid overfilling transmission after a fluid change or overhaul, perform the following procedure: .Remove dipstick and insert clean funnel in transmission fill tube.
.Add following initial quantity of Mopar ATF Plus 4 to transmission: .If only fluid and filter were changed, add 3 pints (1-1/2 quarts) of ATF Plus4 to transmission. .If transmission was completely overhauled, torque converter was replaced or drained, and cooler was flushed, add 12 pints (6 quarts) of ATF Plus4 to transmission. .Apply parking brakes. Start and run engine at normal curb idle speed. .Apply service brakes, shift transmission through all gear ranges then back to NEUTRAL, set parking brake, and leave engine running at curb idle speed.
Remove funnel, insert dipstick and check fluid level. If level is low, add fluid to bring level to MIN mark on dipstick. .Drive vehicle until transmission fluid is at normal operating temperature. With the engine running at curb idle speed, the gear selector in NEUTRAL, and the parking brake applied, check the transmission fluid level. CAUTION: Do not overfill transmission, fluid foaming and shifting problems can result. .Add fluid to bring level up to MAX arrow mark. When fluid level is correct, shut engine off, release park brake, remove funnel, and install dipstick in fill tube.
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