Q: P0455 but no leak on 2000 Ford Ranger

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I had my ranger put on the smoke machine 2 times and there is no leak. I had the code cleared and it came back after 67 miles but i still pasted smog after turning off the code. What else could i try?
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Code P0455 is a gross evap sysem leak, however, it can also be caused by a valve not shutting off the system when the computer runs its self test. One must test the purge valve and the and the vent valve. Also I have repaired several Ranger P0455s where the leak was under the bed, so the truck had to be in the air to see it ( on a lift) It was a leak in one of the gas tank seals for the fuel pump. I do Smog in Calif. and I do Leak Diagnosis every day. We can't smog a truck like your with any kind of a leak, it will fail. The leak monitor has to be clear. I had to remove the whole truck bed to fix the leaks by the way. Often I had to replace the whole filler neck as well, it just comes apart and causes gross leaks and you must remove the bed to repair the vehicle and install the new filler neck so it is really correct. Not a cheap repair, but your truck will evaporate about 2-3 gallons of fuel a day in warm whether, so be prepared to spend money for gas. It is also a fire hazard to have fuel evaporating, especially in a garage. It can cause a fire if/when the fumes are ignited by the water heater coming on. It is NOT a safe situation.