Q: overheating and head gasket on 2003 Infiniti FX35

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My car has been overheating, and it happened in the past as well, new radiator/ thermostat, bled the system. That was 2 years ago. Started again recently... changed the thermostat, bled the system,.. no help. They checked the head gasket as this is a know problem with this car, causing overheating, and there is a leak, on Both sides, into the engine. This was tested using a pressurized dye test... Im sure you are better aware of what I am saying then I .
Anyway,, the question becomes, do I just do a head gasket, and do you know approximate costs involved, or does it make sense to do an engine. The car otherwise is great, and has 135000 miles on it
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Well if you do head gasket make sure head is checked out, surface it, have guides and seals done if needed, The mileage is low enough that can likely do the head gasket and be ok but without know how well it has been taken care of since new then no way to know if may have probs later. Could have had enough coolant get into oil and broke down the lube quality of oila nd damaged rods and main bearings. You can weigh the price difference and go from there.