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Oldsmobile 88 (11 Reviews)
I had a 1988 Delta 88 was a good automobile. Back in 2003 purchase a 1997 88 love this car still in good shape driving at 123,000 miles the 3.8L engine idles smooth while car is in running condition. My 88 is emerald green with tan cloth interior it fits 6 passengers with a bench seat it feels like a luxury car. Oldsmobile and Buick made some luxurious agile ride lots of spacious. Sitting behind wheel think driving a limo with all the handling it gets good fuel economy for being an large vehicle. I've done nothing on this vehicle but changed oil regularly, fluids, flushes and checkups it is peppy no problems a very reliable car suffers no rattles or noises can complain about very nice vehicle without no problems.
Ive had the car for about 4 yrs now but have recently started fixing it up. everything has been working well up until about two weeks ago. I can start the car and change it into reverse, drive, or neutral and it changes like it should, but when I start to drive the car, initially it rides smooth til the car gets to about 25mph and then it begans to rev up. Im not educated like that when it comes to cars but Im in the process of learning...I changed the modulator valve (unsure if I did it right and unsure of how to check it to make sure), another guy told me it could just be an electrical problem, then I heard it could be my torque convertor, and lastly, I was told my transmission could be about to go out. I was told to change the strainer in the transmission and service the fluid, which I did to no avail. Not quite sure what it could be. O yeah, someone else said it could be the solenoid. Can anyone steer me in the right direction please???!!!
Somebody ran into the front of my car and the bumper and headlights are done. How much do you think it would cost to get fixed and where can I find the parts?
ok hears what's going on the transmission in the car will drop out of gear going down the road I have to pull over put the car in park and shut the car off and wait about a minute of two minutes then start the car and it will go back in gear then I can make it about a 1/2 mile sown the road before it does it again. I've talk to mechanics and they've said it sound like a sensor in the transmission of it might just need the filter change. Anyone have an idea of what it might be?
This is one of my favorite cars. I have had so many compliments from mechanics about the engine and rims of this car, that it makes me feel like I own a Lexus or something. It rides very smooth. The only problem I encounter was that the A/C blew out on me, and by delaying to fix it I had to keep my windows open in the heat of Miami, this tore up my headliner of course. Nothing else... no mechanical problems in the years I have owned it. It is one of the best cars to own if you like to ride smooth and not visit mechanics to often.
I was given this car last year, 92 olds royal 88 ls. Beautiful car 158 thous original miles, problem is it hasn't been driven in 4.5 yrs. Change the lower intake manifold gasket, and used gasket maker for the upper aluminum plenum. Car starts and runs fine till hot then get an information system message or two sometimes - fuel sending problem, low oil pressure problem - on very low idle, also engine starts run rough and sputter. Everything else works fine. What to do next? Any comments?
My car all of a sudden started a grinding noise from the transmission and its when I start it and then put it in reverse an now I have no reverse.
I bought this car new in 1999, I had to replace the intake gasket 3 times.GGRRRRR. It has been a good car overall.I have 70,000 original miles on it.Don t know why it keeps blowing them.
it is a very good car, nice ride and good in the snow would like to see more made.
Okay--I had an '87 88, but I have to review the car anyway, as it was my first. Strong engine, and absolutely a Detroit tank of a car, but it was comfortable as hell and low-maintenance. Problems: the headliner will sag on you as only GM headliners can. You will develop timing chain and valve problems over time.
Great vehicles. One of the best engines in the world.