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This car is great. As much as I love it, I have had several issues with it. I keep up with general maintenence, most of it is just wear and tear for being 15 model years. It has 50k miles on it and I have replaced the alternator, starter 2x, blower regulator, CV joint, and then transmission- which was probably due to sitting at the car lot for 2 years and not being ran. Then the replacement group I used shredded my negative cable when the shoved under the alternator fly wheel, causing numerous electrical issues. I have been fighting this car since day 1, but it runs great when it runs.
I have had a 2000 Intrigue GLS for a little over three years now. This car is heavy like a tank and it is really nice to look at. The GLS has many bells and whistles but are definitely not ALL idiot lights. Every light that has come on...has warranted a problem. I have a real loud clunking noise in the front end when I first turn my steering wheel after starting my car. My struts are shot. I have had to replace two window regulators so far and am about to replace the third. I have had many over heating problems. The battery does not always hold a charge. The float piece in my fuel tank no longer works and is more expensive to fix than the car is worth. My Precision Control System and No Traction lights keep coming on and I was told they just had to be reset but no one seems to be able to do that. In the mean time I supposedly don't have a working ABS system or Airbags when it is registering a default. I have leaking in the car towards the driver floor board. It gets soaked. All my seals are fine. My stereo turns off by itself now while a song is playing. I also have to take my whole right headlight assembly out from time to time to get the right blinker to work. It goes out all the time. Its not fuses...etc. I think the car is a well built car regarding its shell and knock on wood my engine has not died as of yet. However I definitely believe there are too many electrical issues. I am always waiting for the next. My dashboard looks like a lit Christmas tree half the time. Now there is a recall on the Ignition Switch. I don't think she should be junked but I do think my 14 year old car needs to be with someone that really does not drive much. Although she is taken good care of.....she's feeling her age at this point.
I have a 2000 Oldsmobile intrigue in it want start it just a click sound its not the battery i took it to auto zone to charge it up
I,personally, love this car. It's old and many little things keep having problems. But,what 1998 doesn't. I like the body style, and we've driven the heck out of it, and it just keeps going with minimal upkeep.
The windows just fell right in the door 3 times. The motor went out in the first one and the second two the motor works but the window simply dropped . Tons of other people recorded up to 3 windows dropping as well. GM would not honor it with any recalls . If you buy one of these get ready for windows to drop randomly while your driving and the window motors are around 400 plus labor if you have a bad window motor too which these are notorious for
i had a 2000 olds intrigue but i totaled it out im trying to find out if they had a default in the seat belts cause me nor my brother in laws locked in the only one that did was my wifes and thank god for that cause she is 18 weeks pregnant but me n my bro in law got busted up pretty bad but other than the seat belt issue i loved the car had good hp and int and ext but the seat belts are faulty.....?????
It's my neighbors car, a 2000 intrigue, the battery keeps going dead, I pulled fuses and found it was the cluster,data,radio circut, any ideas what part needs to be changed to get this fixed for her? she is on a fixed income and I need to get it right the first time.
the car has automatic lights but they go out and i hear a click under the dash then the heater goes out if i let it set overnite it will work again
I own an 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue 3.8L. It has 260K miles on it and its still kicking! No major repairs have been necessary. Changing the oil every 3,000 miles has gone a long way. The engine is slowly losing compression however. The only complaint I would have would be the turn signal lights. The lights go bad every 3 months and after replacing the sockets, they still go bad. Has been a great car overall
well i found this car on cregslist for sale so i traded my truck for
it. i havent driven it yet put a new battery in it it will go dead
as door nail he replaced the key switch still draines battery dead
o sorry it is a 1999 olds intrigue 3.8 v 6 eng . the left passenger
door glass slides down it is power by the way. it reminds me of
some kind of a bad car prodject gone bad. some people say it is the body modgel draining the battery i dont know do you help
I bought my 1999 intrigue with 100k on it 2 years ago and the stupid thing has had more repairs done and has been in the mechanics shop more times than I can count!!! I just put 50,000 miles on it I've spent close to $9,000 on repairs not including routine care! I still need a new exhaust system my power steering has had a new pump but now squeels insaly bad! I need a new transmission, new shocks and struts. heater motor and the inside paneling.. ill just say oldsmobile made a bad choice on plastic separate pieces for paneling cuz its all poping off in my car! all in all I love my car I baby it more than anything I just wish it would stop breaking on me!
I have a 2000 intrigue and the directional problems eneryone is having is caused by your hazard switch if u take the little grey cover off and touch it while you have the problem it will go away lol i have learned from experience and now im having a problem with it dying and the steering wheel locking up while im driving come to find out its the electrical ignotion switch which is only about a $90 part hope everyone finds the right help they need from this post any questions email me
my car has been plagued with 3 power windows except for the driver's side don't work. the turn signals sometimes work but now the steering wheel locks and it dies every now and then..don't know what the problem is but i would consider buying another make
I brought this car at 104,000 miles and I've had it for approximately 2 years. The only problem I have experience thus far is with the turn signal switch which sometimes does not work. Otherwise it has been a good car as long as I performed the necessary mantainance on it.
Nice styling, but more problems than my other vehicles. I have replaced three of four power windows units and the driver pwr window switch. Window operation is sporatic, I think the ignition switch is the problem. I recently replaced the lower intake manifold gaskets and installed the improved upper intake manifold to stop coolant leaks. Driver side sun visor was difficult to pivit and eventually broke. Currently there is a bad oil leak I need to fix.
My mother's vehicle (serviced w/dealer)....144K miles what has been repaired: Alternator x2@56K and 122K, transmission 70K, all 4 window regulators, climate control, Blower motor, blower motor resistor, rotors, tie rods, valve cover gaskets, water pump, coolant reservoir, idler pulley, power steering pump, battery cable, crankshaft position sensor, A/C compressor, Rank/pinion steering assembly, visors...This vehicle is poorly built with too many cheap parts!! This is why I myself drives Japanese!!
Its been an okay car, but i've got a major repair facing me now (severe lifter knocking) and i'm sick of putting money into it
This is a DAMN Good Car! Only if the "owners stay on top of their regular maintainance the engineers at GM needs to bring back the Oldsmobile Line!!!
I got my 99 Intrigue with 175,000 miles on it. It now has 234,000. It has its hiccups, window reg went out twice driver side, the turn signals ( to many times to count ), and now its the low pressure power steering hose, and blower fan for the ac/heat. I got the car about 4 years ago, put it through hell, and it keeps on going.
I like the way the car drives, but just about everything on the car has failed at least once, with the exception of the engine (which has been flawless) and the exhaust. Poor fit and finish.

Failures include alternator (twice), climate control unit, power steering hose, heater blower motor, A/C compressor bearing, brake master cylinder, strut mounts, intermediate steering column, transmission pressure valve, tie rods, MAP sensor. Pads and rotors last about 35K miles. Luckily I had an extended warranty.
All interior items that had glue used to hold them in place broke in 2002. Either they broke after hitting a bump or after winter. Even the gear shift button broke. Also the rear view mirror, the gear shift button, the driver sun visor, head liner around the sun roof, the heating/air controls didn't work on low or medium, and then the power windows quit working. Also the trunk would only work when using the button, not the key!
We bought the car with .4 miles on it and the only work it has need was a wheel bearing at 80k and an ABS sensor at 120k! Only normal maintenance, still has orginal brakes!