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Oldsmobile 98 (6 Reviews)
Bought this car 6 years ago I have never experienced any mechanical problems with my 98 this is a dependable car ever had. Very luxury, comfortable, spacious lots of features and nice looking styling. The 3800 engine runs smooth, it drives amazing ac blows ice cold while the car doesn't lack on nothing an truly dependable car. I receive tons of compliments my nephew likes it as well believe me this is a beautiful looking car low mileage (78K miles) rides better than BMW still has that good feeling sitting behind the wheel of it a tight big car looks like new.
The brake light comes on and dings. The brakes are working and there does not seem to have a problem with emergency brakes. The dinging last about 15 minutes in warm weather, but will not stop dinging in cold weather. It appears to be affected by cold weather or cold engine.
IM the second owner of my 1992 oldsmobile 98. I got it when it was 7 yrs old and had 92,000 miles on it. Has all the bells and whisles on it. Yes i have had to replace the tranny(2003) and other things like ball joints, struts, shock ect. I had it all checked out before i drove 4200 miles across the US from Michigan to Califonia in 2010. I did not have one problem. Was alittle worried that maybe the rebuild tranny would give me problems going up and down all the mountains. But NOPE the car ran beautiful. Still looks good too. Why they stopped making them ill never know. I love the room and ride of these old cars. Dont know if ill get rid of it anytime soon. This 20 yr old car has served me well.
I lucked into this car. I am the third owner, bought it with 135000 miles....pretty darn good for a 15 year old car!. Everything works, seats, windows, stereo, etc. Wonderful Cadillac ride, quiet, no rattles, but a few interior squeaks now and then. The leather is wonderful, no cracks, looks two years old, not 15.
The body is in exceptional dents dings, rust etc. Everything straight and smooth. It has the usual 90's GM paint issues, peeling off plastic bumpers, clear-coat coming off, but is purely a cosmetic issue. Got it for $1200. Have put $800 for little niggliy things...power window switch, seat switch, blower motor was stuck on high, EGR replaced. Still needs new struts, but that will have to wait. I have driven this to Atlanta and back, 1300 mile round trip, and got FANTASTIC mileage...28MPG going 80MPH!!!
I have no clue how many miles the car has because the entire digital dash quit working. The air-conditioning doesn't work either and a ton of other things. Now, I've been told the head gasket is starting to go which will cost more to fix than the car is worth! On the up side it is a comfy car with lots of leg room and head room. It drives smooth and it's a pretty quiet car. When it shifts it doesn't jerk around which is nice and mine still has the original sound system which sounds pretty good. It steers like a dream and I could probably drive it with one finger (except that's not too safe ^_^).
Car has 80,000 miles on it and it runs great! a/c and heat perfect. interior comfy. trunk big! rides smooooth!