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Oldsmobile Aurora (22 Reviews)
Bought new - 230,000 miles gets 25 MPG. My Aurora is a great looking luxury car with the North star V8 motor in class. I've never had problems out of car runs like new even still gives me a smooth ride. Its comfortable - stylish - elegance paid $30K in 1999 here it is 2015 maybe the Kelley blue book price might be around $2450 I'd say but car will be dependable for anyone looking for something to run in reliability which that is most important thing getting a car having something to drive dependable because its hard looking for a vehicle that will last until 200,000 or 250,000.
Dependable vehicle. I did get little work done engine misfired and smell burnt oil which got catalytic converter fixed with a new oil pump/gaskets. Transmission slips but I use Valvoline as with oil put into engine. The car reads on odometer 169,000 miles seats are comfortable very nice car looks exactly like Oldsmobile's top of the line vehicle has leather but On star wasn't available absolutely love this car.
Bought car 2 months ago... Love the car... gas mileage hyw 26 mpg. lots of power.... handles super... price new was $41000.00 ... alternator went out and was a bit of a hassle... changed serpentine belt at the same time, that was a bit of a hassle also... the best part is that a lot of generous people put information on the internet to make the job a lot easier. Thanks to all of them.
i have a 99 oldsmobile aurora, but i have a lot all electrical problem with it,so i need to fuse box diagram but i couldn't find this shit to anywhere, if someone know where can i find this shit, pls help :(
i had a head gasket job done about 3weeks ago, the car now burns oil about 5qts in 2days and now it started missing and stalls out what could be the problem.
backfiire at initial startup from overnight no more problems as started the rest of the day runs good
Hi I have to say this car is going to be the death of me i just want to set the thing on fire. Now i see why they stoped making these cars i been having so many problems with the security light that stops the car from turninon. Ive had the car for 3 years i bought it with 89,0000 miles and in over 3 years ive spent more then 4000 trying to get it to were i dont have any problems but everytime u think everything is all set something brakes down. I have to say i hate this car
I have two is the odometer was working until I installed a used engine.It came back on about three times and now it is inop again.....#2 the power door locks activate while the car sits in the driveway.i have to unhook the battery to reset something.(i assume a door lock mod..?..please help
Dont know whats wrong with this car. All of a sudden it started to act up after 8 years. when i start the car up to warm it up my indash turns off all my guages get stuck where it was at when it started acting up. Happens when im driving to thinking it can be the alternator or some wiring problem. did this happen to anyone els or just me?
I have the 3.5L motor in my 02 Aurora. Have 195,000 miles on the vehicle. The motor is still running great and am getting 33.1 mpg. Having nickel/dime problems recently. Electric door motors, blower motor ans cv axles. othe than these problems, love the car.
Love my 1997 Aurora. It has luxury, comfort and suits a REAL lady but the motor and power fit the most macho, hardcore gearhead. It will fly without breaking a sweat; torque awesome. BUT if you are not a mechanic (or married to one), the simple things COST A LOT. Like most luxury cars with all the perks, eventually you are going to run into electrical issues. Frustrating at best, but I like the car enough to see it through the repair process.
ok car i got burnt valve at 132000 miles and it was well maintained code p0302 misfire cylinder 2 low compression 76psi
i have a 1998 aurora and its the best car i could ask for it has some small problems but over all its nothing i could get too upset about to me its a high end car and you get what you pay for parts and repairs are high but if you want a nice car that wont let you down then its worth it plus you can turn heads to
I love the body style of this car. It has 95,000 miles and I am beginning to worry about costly repairs. To date I have not had any major repairs. It is truely a luxury car in it ride and styling.
i just picked up this car and am having a bit of trouble with it i tracked down the clicking sound coming from my dash that also makes my headlights go off n on by themselves while the vehicle is parked, its a 4x4 black box under the dash with some sorta computer board in it, and i tried recharging my ac and to no avail it holds pressure but my pump wont kick on? so thats another couple houndred to replace the ac pump:( overall i absolutely love love this car its perfect for me not only being a gearhead but also being pretty good with computers and electronics is also a bonus, and when all else fails im a girl, lol!! jk!
when i brought this car it was a lemon. but, liked the handle of the drive so i did major repair work. because the system is electrical everything, finding the cause to the problem can be time tasking and costly. but, once that is clear it is smooth driving. the color is green but on an angle it looks like a beatiful sparkling blue. people always comment on my car. i love this vehicle.
i bought this car used and i must say it turns heads everywhere.There are not a lot of them on the road,which makes this car truly unique.I have had many road trips and i use half the gas my taurus used which was a much newer model.I have luxury at my fingertips and the car is fun to drive,great sound and features.No major problems just usual maintenance,i love my car.I give the aurora five stars.
just bought this car (2001 3.5L 215hp Shortstar) used. it runs great, feels great. my only issue is what most people on the different forums that i visited were saying about the car "fuel economy in the city". It's no that big of an issue since the girlfriend and I needed it mostly for long distance driving. other than that it's been a good ride so far.
Great looking and performing car. Olds should have talked GM into keeping this model by another GM Dealership. A little pricey for repairs and all but whats cheap these days anyway. That darn Check Engine Light (CEL) can make you nuts for small, unimportant repairs, believe me!!!! Again, its a looker and I get more compliments and questions on this car....
I've had my 96 Aurora since 2004, and its a very good car. Pricey and expensive for repairs, but what do you expect for a luxury car. I tell you what, its a better gas mileage car than a Cadillac, and i really like Cadillacs.
Bought my 96 Aurora in 2006 with 72,000. It's starting to nickel and dime me. Fuel Injector, heating/AC, now the radiator.
First 2 years were wonderful and care free. Enjoy it while you can, once the repairs start it's very costly.
Wow this is the best car I have ever owned! I highly recommend it to all. Has all the luxuries of a very high priced car, rides so smooth,hasn't rusted anywhere, and is good on gas.