1990 Oldsmobile 98 Questions

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Turn signal indicator is broken
Transmission slipping in drive and in over drive. Runs good at first then it's like it gets bumped into neutral. No problems when in 2nd. So Replaced filter. No change. And yes I've got the correct fluid in it. Any suggestions??
All lights are fine and left blinker works fine. Right will turn on just solid light, no blinking. ??
After changing the alternator car still giving trouble starting sometimes then it just cut off while driving no warning now wont start its turning over but not catching, also no power to headlights door locks brake lights or windows dashboard lights come on like normal, but when checking for brake lights dashboard lit up with no key in ignition. There was no burning smell ever from car, bought new battery put in and nothing happened alternator(less than 1mo)and starter(about3mos) are both brand new.
I guess I would not be asking this question if I really knew what I was doing
But a tech at Firestone stated that the diagnostic concluded that the cam sensor was keeping the engine light on.
I did not want to pay what they were asking
I was changing battery clamps someone forgot how they went hooked them up wrong now everything is hooked up right but it wont start.
The shift lever dose not make sounds. The car can trun off but not on since park is not engage currently car is in drive and off be pushed forward or back but steeringIis locked car is actually 89 front wheel drive with anti-lock breaks
And the noise gets louder when I press the gas
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