Oil pressure switch/timing cover gasket may leak on Cadillac DeVille

Problem Description and Possible Solution
The oil pressure switch and timing cover gasket may develop an engine oil leak.
Problem Data
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Average mileage: 105,666 (73,000–130,000)
Engine affected: 4.9L V8
7 model years affected: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, more1994, 1995, 2000
12 people reported this problem
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Oil pressure sending unit was leaking oil rapidly as engine was running. looks like an easy fix, so I went down to the local Advance auto parts store and got a new one for less than $20. When I got home I checked the size and it appeared that a socket would fit and turn the old sensor to remove.
But there is not enough room to get the socket onto the sensor. The engine mount is in the way, so I tried a wrench and it just would not turn the sensor, and slipped off of the sheet metal construction of the sensor.
What I ended up doing was removing the entire oil filter adapter which the sensor is screwed into. The Oil filter adapter is held in place by two bolts, and after removing that I was able to put the socket onto the sensor and unscrew it from the adapter. It is very important to note that the sensor is 'clocked' in a certain way and the new sensor needs to be clocked in the same way or you will not be able to plug the sensor into the wiring harness, as there is very little room in the engine compartment, and the sensor is right next to the engine mount.
Also plug the sensor into the wiring harness prior to reinstalling the oil filter adapter as the wires are very short. I needed to remove the plastic protective pan and loosen a bolt on the brake lines to be able to put everything back together.
Also I did not replace the oil filter adapter gaskets which are two flattened rubber O-rings. I tired to get them from the local Cadillac dealer, but they had none in stock, so if you are intent on replacing them make sure you get them before you start. I ended up replacing the oil filter as well, as that is where I clamped the adapter in a vise when I unscrewed the sensor.
If you have very small hands this is probably an easier job, as it will be much easier to plug in the wires and such.

Good luck.
1990 coupe deville cuts off I disconnect negative cable from battery and it starts when it cuts off the blower comes on but want start until disconnect battery,also oil light flicks on when engine is hot and I come to a stop.
Leaks oil from gaskets and some hoses. leaked just a little when I bought it in 2009. Now I have to add oil about every week or so.