Q: Oil pan gasket starting to leak on 2001 Acura Integra

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Had my oil changed at the dealer was told that the oil pan gasket needs to be replaced just starting to leak $341.00 estimate. Is this realy worth repalcing on a 12yr old car w/ 180,000 miles. Iam adding about a 1qt of oil every 3000 miles and have not seen any leaking on the ground and have no leaks around the engine. Is this just normal for the age of the car and not critcal? Please advise, thanks Jack
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Any leak should be fixed to ensure the safety and guaranteed drivaility of your engine. It is the discretion of the owner if they would like to put that kind of money into their car. Another thing to think about is if the leak gets bad enough it can cause driveway damage. If you have a concrete drive it's more costly to repair if you choose to do so. I have an oil leak on my car and top it off between oil changes. I just make sure to check the oil level several times between oil changes so that it dosn't affect anything else. Oil on serpentine belts and coolant hoses will damage these components.
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