Q: Oil leak in the front of engine. on 1998 Mercedes-Benz E430

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Would the system cause a oil leak in front of the engine? looks liek the lower half of the engineif your standing in front of the engine. Looks like oil is leaking from the right side front side of the engien if your standing in front of it.
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There is a small cover on the front of the timing cover below the oil filter housing. The seal for the cover hardens and lets oil bypass the seal. This cover is in the shape of a small rectangle and has a round plug screwed into it. Easy to replace, just two screws. Don't forget to clean off the residue, so that you can spot any other oil leaks that might be present. Good luck.
Thank you irvtech,
that was exactly the problem and it was an easy fix. couldnt believe how much oil was suddenly pouring out!
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