Q: Oil Leak on 1998 Oldsmobile Bravada

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Just got a new alternator and battery and found out that I have an oil leak coming from the pan, gasket, both hoses and front seal. I am financially tapped, but can get a "friendly" loan and am in need of a ball park figure for the above mentioned repairs. I thank you sooo much for any assistance you can provide.
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Well... you could try a oil leak product like this :

or have the thing resealed which will cost alot.
They will have to drop the pan, replace the front seal and the pan gasket to repair it right.
I would look around to different shops to get an estimate.

I live in LA and i got a estimate on rebuilding a head for my 4 cylinder toyota. one place said $1500.00 !!! another place , just down the street gave a 2 year guarentee @ a cost od $650.00
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