Q: oil leak on 2005 BMW 325Ci

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Hello dandd Thanks I took the car to the service center today that changed my oil and he said the leak looks like it is coming from the top front right of the engine really couldnt see because of all the stuff but I did schedule a trip to the dealer on Monday I hope this doesnt cost a arm and a leg
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Sorry to get back to you so late, we had a surge in Q&A requests. Oil leaks are a gray area for repairs. You have seepage, where there is a light coat of oil that has accumulated some dirt, but is not serious. Then there is an oil leak wher you the customer sees visible signs of leakage beneath the vehicle, seriousness varies. Last is the acute leak, it leaks large amounts where it affects the use of the vehicle. We as technicians have balance the symptoms with the actual repair, because all vehicles leak at some point. so you need to ask your advisor to rate how serious it is and how long can you go without repairing it. Any serious leak should be handled promptly, others you may be able to delay for awhile. I hope that helps you.
actually this could be a major engine problem. Mine had a small oil leak--turns out that oil was leaking into the valve covers (a common problem with that engine so said the bmw mechanic). the $6000 repair was under warranty