Q: oil leak on 2000 Volkswagen Passat

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I have a leak from somewhere in the middle underneath my car. The oil is pink color. I have replaced the oil gasket back in march this year. I am not sure if is the same problem?
(3) Answers
Pink colored fluid can be the the automatic transmission fluid, or the possibly the engine coolant. Be very cautious that you don't allow the engine to overheat or let the transmission run dry, you can turn a small repair into a very expensive one! Get it looked at very soon!
trans fluid in this car should be gold to brown unless the wrong fluid was used. if its coolant, check the small hose that goes behind the engine just to the drivers side on top. the nipple it attaches to may leak at the seal where it screws into the coolant pipe behind motor. it could also come from the reservoir overflow if overheating or running along the engine from up front like a water pump leak.