Q: oil consumption on 2006 Cadillac SRX

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what is considered normal oil consumption for a 30,000 mi vehicle?
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I have the same problem with my wife's SRX. I burns about 1 quart of synthetic oil every 1500-2000 miles. I never heard of anthing like this with another new vehicle.
I had the same issue with my 2005 Caddy SRX; only 43,000 miles. At my mechanics request, I brought it back after my last oil change/review after 1000 miles and my SRX had consumed an 1 quart. My mechanic contacted a local Caddy dealer he knew and shared with him the challenge and asked if there might be a fix being offered by Caddillac. The dealer shared that the level of consumption did not warrant Caddillac's assistance and that my SRX was out of warranty. I enjoy the ride in my Caddillac but I can not see buying another after this concern.
The question was answered by both a Cadillac dealer and the 800 Cadillac Customer Service department. They both stated that the 2006 Cadillac SRX that I purchased new will burn one quart of oil each 1500 miles. They then preface it by saying "this is acceptable". I informed them that I have purchased over 42 Cadillac in my life and this will be the last one. Lincoln has a model similar to the SRX and those engines do not burn oil.