Q: Oil circulation on 1997 Ford Thunderbird

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I have a problem with the oil circulation on my 3.8l. The oil filter blew oil through the gasket for some reason so I replaced it. I then noticed the oil light was still coming on after refilling the oil and the engine still tapping and getting hot. I replaced the oil pump but still have the problem. Any thoughts?
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You replaced the oil pump? Mounted to the timing cover?

Often times the oil passages can get debris in them if you are not absolutely clean clean clean removing the cover and cleaning the gasket material. This can really damage your engine, as even with the oil pump replaced your oil cannot circulate well.

If you didn't have tapping, I'd look at the oil sender, but with the tapping, it's probably accurate. Doesn't sound optimistic.
The oil pump on this car is part of the oil filter mount a well. There is just a supplied O ring for a gasket so I didn't have to mess a gasket of any type. My best guess is clogging somewhere. Is the a possibilty?
True, my mistake - I am thinking about timing cover gasket repairs which requires extra care not to damage the oil pump and passages.

You may have been too late to prevent engine damage. Tapping from the engine with a known good filter and known good oil pump sounds like damage done.
The tapping doesnt' start until after the eingine warms up. When I start it in the morning its quiet.
Still sounds like posslbe rod or main bearing noise, or perhaps from the valve train - top end - not sure. Have to have someone listen to it, I suppose. Good luck.