Q: oil change on 2006 Lexus GS430

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what should i do to reset the sensor after engine oil change to avoid the ' OIL MAINT REQD ' sign??
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"For those of you who like I have a 2006 GS300[or GS430], the proceedure in the manual to reset the oil maintenance light (p. 87) is either wrong, or at best poorly worded. To reset this light:
1. With the car running set the odometer to display total vehicle miles - not to the trip odometer.
2. Shut the vehicle off.
3. With the trip odometer reset button held down, switch the vehicle to on (ie push the start button twice without your foot on the brake)."

I found this on the Lexus Owners forum because I had the same question.
Also greatly appreciate the tip, the manual is not very clear regarding pressing the start button twice.