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Q: OBDII or NOT on 1995 Toyota T100

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Ok guys, I usually answer questions but I am stumped on what I got here. Just bought this truck, manufactured 09/94, says meets Calif. emissions for year 1995 but this has both the E1/TE1 diagnostic code setup under the hood so can count code blips and also has OBDII diag link under the dash. Has CEL on but runs fine. Was able to pull two codes, P0420 and P0510 for oxygen sensor prob and TPS prob, I attached my scanner and retrieved them and then cleared and will drive to see if come back. I recently fixed broken crossover pipe between EGR housing and back of exhaust manifold. This truck starts right up, idles high till goes into closed loop, runs fine with no misses and no power problems. What do I have here? If the codes come back I will do diag and report back. Thanks in advance. Always owned Chevy's and Harley's so not used to working on it as I have ran shops for years and haven't done much wrenching except at home.
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You need to check the data on your scanner if it reads data. If not, use a meter and see if the O2 sensor and TPS are good or not. Then you'll know what you're dealing with.
I agree but my question is what about it being a 95 and has OBDII diag link under dash. I thought OBDII started in 96. I did clear the codes and have driven for three days with no codes returning. I am just confused by the fact that have both diag links, under hood and under dash. I wanted to know if anyone had seen this before.
For starters, all T100 trucks were made in japan then sent to America to see if the demand for Toyota's attempt to enter the full size truck growth. In 1995 America bought the rights from Japan for the full size truck, but when they started production the T100 name changed to Tundra to represent that it was American made. Now, the reason that the 1995 and up T100's have the E1/TE1 plugs under the hood is for other testing and modification purposes. One use for these plugs under the hood that I've found out from Toyota is for converses to duel fuel systems like the FlexFuel cars and trucks. If you need anything else you can get ahold of me on this site
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