What Does P2285 Code Mean?

    OBD-II Code P2285 is defined as a Injector Control Pressure Sensor Circuit Low

    Some diesel engines use high pressure oil to control the fuel injectors on the diesel engine. The Injector Pressure Regulator (IPR) regulates the oil pressure going to the injectors. The Injector Control Pressure (ICP) Sensor monitors the oil pressure produced by the high pressure oil pump. If the ICP sends back an implausible signal, code P2285 will be set.

    P2285 Symptoms

    • Engine may not start

    Common Problems That Trigger the P2285 Code

    • Engine oil level is too low
    • Fuel level is too low
    • High pressure oil pump failure
    • Injector Control Pressure (ICP) sensor failure
    • Wiring issue

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