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Q: now there is a problem starting car after it sets for awhile or overnite. on 2001 Cadillac DeVille

it will just barely turn over like 2 growls then start. good all day then next morning, same thing. had battery checked after running 29 min. said battery checked good. also car runs a little rough when started until choke releases. Could it be the starter,,, Help.
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Sounds like you may have what they call a parasitic draw. What that means is there is something shorting out and drawing extra power when the car is turned off. To test for that you need to disconnect the battery terminal (either one will work) and hook up a test light across the terminal and the wire and see if the test light lights up. make sure to wait about thirty mins after you have last turn the vehicle off and leave it off when you perform the test. If the test light lights then you will have to figure out what circuit is causing the draw. The best way to do that is to make a diagram of your fuses and start pulling all the fuses one by one until the light goes off. That will tell you which circuit is causing the problem and then you can go from there to fix it.
well we took ground wire off battery and tested battery, it lit up so that shows something is pulling power, we were a little afraid to pull fuses yet. is the correct fuse box the one under back seat close to battery. i need to know too if battery is disconnected and something is still pulling power, what could it be? Key is off and batt disconnected, what could be running to pull power? Your advice is so helpful, i hope i am explaining things to you so you will know what i am talking about. Thank you so much... Also when i start car it runs rough until choke releases, then smooth out, but i have noticed a little miss in engine when running about 50 mile per hr. Could this be connected to other problem with starting the car?
Yes that would be one of the fuse boxes that you will want to check. The best thing to do is to take a picture of the fuse box so you have a reference to be able to put all the fuses back in the right spot. Another way would be to take them out and lay them in rows just as you see them in the fuse panel. When you find the one that shuts the light off then you will have found the problem. Also it might not be a bad idea to put that one back and test the rest just to make sure you don't have more that one circuit causing you issues. As far as the rough idle and missing in the engine there are many things that could cause that problem. Is your check engine light on at the moment or was it on before you disconnected the battery. If it would be easier you can email me at
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