Q: Noise on 1996 Chevrolet Caprice

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My vehicle makes a noise that sounds like metal. It is continuous. The best way to describe sounds like metal rattling or rubbing. The vehicle has 99000 miles. I appreciate any help.
miss m
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How do your brakes feel and does braking change the noise in any way?

If your ABS light is on, then you have an ABS problem. This may indicate an overall brake problem. Something in the ABS system may be rubbing on something. Does the noise ever change?
My brakes feel fine. The noise does not stop when I hit the brakes or start moving. However, my ABS light is on and I did notice some black powder on my rims.

the rubbing metal sound reminds me of worn out a.c. pulley noise.if your a.c. does not work this is probably the culprit. Replace condencer or get a drivebelt that by-passes that pulley.
My brakes feel fine. The noise is there when I stop and start to drive again. It does not go away even if I am idling. However, my ABS light is on and I notice black powder around my front rims.