Q: No start after front end collision on 1997 Toyota Camry

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What could cause a no start condition after a minor front end collision. Was hit in the front dirver side corner. Car cranks but will not start. Have spark at spark plugs and the fuel pump will work if you put direct dc power to it.
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Look in your owners manual for location of the fuel shut off switch. Usually under the dash on passenger side, or in the trunk. It shuts of the fuel pump in a collision so there won't be a fire. Should be a red button you push back in to reset.
Does not have fuel reset switch. First thing we checked for. After rechecking there is no spark and chenging the coil pecks did not battery also.
Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong. It cranks like it is going to start but won't turn over. There is no spark and we changed out the coil packs. The battery is new. Do not hear the fuel pump kick on either but does come on with dc power applied directly. bought a code reader but it says it cannot connect to the car. I believe the engine was changed out previously. We also changed the circuit opening relay. It seems like it something really simple but can't figure it out.
you may try disconnecting the battery cables for ten minutes to reset the computer it may have some kind of saftey feature
Took it to a mechanic. It had shorts due to the headlight being smashed and the wires being exposed.