Q: No oil pressure on 2006 Volvo XC90

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Bought the car brand new, been very strict on the oil changes and upkeep with the volvo manual. Just had the oil pressure light come on, oil level indicates level is ok, any ideas on what could cause it? Has 120K miles on it.
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I haven't seen this issue on a 2006 Volvo, but I saw it a lot on others up to 2002 or so. The issue with those is the o-rings that seal the oil pan to the engine block. The fix was to remove the oil pan and replace all those seals. There's a oil pick up tube in the pan that also will need to be sealed.
What happens is the air is drawn into those leaking seals, lowering the oil pressure. When this happens, you can pull the dipstick and see bubbles on it.
Have a shop check the oil pressure, and if it is low, have those seals checked. If the pressure is OK, then it may be a bad sensor or wiring.
Hope that helps, please let us know what you find out.
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