Q: No A/C or heat on 1998 Lincoln Navigator

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In my navigator, my air conditioner and heat is not working in the front. It will work in the rear of the truck with the controls. It will sense the temperature in the vehicle and blow out correctly, just with no a/c or heat. Any way I can fix it my self?
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If you wish to do this yourself, you'll need to arm yourself with a high quality repair manual for starters. You may need some A/C tools and equipment as well, which can be very expensive. I would start with a repair manual and see what the diagnostic procedures entail.
try for an inexpensive, high quality online repair manual
You need to look at the Blend Door Actuator which is located under the dash and could be a big cost item if repaired at the dealership. You could fix it yourself if you have some mechanical skills. GOOGLE it and there's several articles on this problem which is common for those vehicals.