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Q: Need exact steps to replace the cruise control switch assembly on the steering wheel on 2004 Honda Accord

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The cruise control switch does not stay depressed anymore and needs to be replaced. I removed the two screws behind the assembly which has two other switches on it. Problem is there is no slack in the wires and only moves about 1/4 inch and doesn't give access to the connector. Need exact steps to remove the switch assembly.
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I can't give you exact steps for this job without being there and seeing the car. I suspect that you need to remove the airbag module to get access to the wiring for the switches. Removing the airbag is something for trained personnel and requires some serious concern regarding handling the airbag module. The battery must be disconnected and after waiting about half an hour for electric charge to dissipate, the airbag module can be removed and set aside, facing up, so if it blows, it will be less likely to become a projectile capable of property damage and death or great bodily harm to any bystander. Be careful.
Better yet, find a Honda specialist to help you.
Here's a directory link for you:
Thanks Superbob - I purchased the part at a Honda Repair facility (cost me $40.00) and they provided the steps I needed:
1) Disconnect the battery and wait 45 minutes to ensure no electrical charge is still present.
2) Turn the steering wheel counterclockwise to gain access to the two screws that hold the switch in place.
3) Very carefully loosen the two screws behind the switch. Be very careful not to take the screws fully out. Loosen until they are free of the switch and that is it! It is extremely difficult to put the screws in if they fall out.
4) Lift up on the switch assembly. There are two small tabs on the right of the switch. You need to lift up and away from the steering wheel. Move slowly and without much force the switch will easily come out most of the way.
5) To get the switch fully out carefully maneuver the switch under and away from the small lip on the upper part of the steering column. Again patience and not much force is needed to fully pull the switch out.
6) Disconnect the connector. There isn't allot of room but enough to push down on the small tab that locks the switch in place.
7) Install the new switch and reverse the previous steps to get it in.
Once again use caution and a little patience and the job should only take about 10 - 15 minutes. I use the word caution as one of the screws fell out and into the steering column during my switch replacement and this added a lot of time fishing out the screw and then having to use hemostats to lock the screw and hold it while I pried back the rear steering cover and got the screw in. Cruise control operational again. Good luck and it is really a simple job.
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