Q: Need advice on Brakes. They got hot while on downgrade and towing. on 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD

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I tow a 5th wheel. Have had brakes checked by two different dealers who said they're "fine". Of course they won't drive w/trailer attached. Shimmy (much more that ABS) occurred after overheated. Had rotors resurfaced at dealer. Nothing in manual about resurfacing. Someone told me just replace, but shouldn't resurfacing do the same as long as in tolerances? Truck has about 65K miles. Brakes fine w/o trailer. Trailer brakes have been adjusted. Brakes just don't seem as strong as when new. Pads still have about 75-80% left.
Shimmy is less, but not gone but occurs only when towing. I'm under GVWR by about 11%. No turbo or exhaust brake, but may add when warranty is over.
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More brake bias to trailer!! Turning rotors removes precious metal for heat dispersion especially for towing. One time may be ok.
Shop around and get the best brake pads for your application, severe duty if you tow a lot! Your pads may now be glazed from heat. Use lower gear going down LONG grades!
I agree with wetry but I would also check to see if traler brakes are working properly
I didn't provide enough detail OEM brake controller set at 10, and trailer brakes have been set/adjusted during wheel repack service. Trailer brakes are tested before each trip.

Gps sent us wrong direction so I did start into the decline at a higher speed than I should have. Started at about 50 mph, then at 65 I braked hard to get back to about 45 and that sequence occurred several times. Was in tow haul, but this truck has no OEM turbo/exhaust brake and tranny was not quite enough by itself.

I've wondered about the pads but since it's been looked at twice, rotor resurfaced, and driven for two years would that still be likely?

Kinda thinking just redo the whole set up.

By the way, thank you for your responses.
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