Q: My van lost engine power while I had it operating in cruise control and travelin on 2004 GMC Savana 1500

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g 55 mph. The battery and alternator seem fine. It sounds as if it's starting but doesn't turn over. What could make this occur? I did hear a screeching sound a couple of days before this incident happened. I was starting the van for the first time that day...the sound disappeared when the vehicle warmed up.
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The van doesn't start. It sounds like it would like to but it just won't turn over. My mechanic can only guess what the problem is after giving it an inspection. He thinks it might be the fuel pump but isn't certain. He is sure that it is not the alternator or battery. Thanks for answering.
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if your mech can't tell you whats wrong maybe its time for a new one. sorry no hard feelings but it should be a fairly easy diag.
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