Q: my truck is making a sqealin noise when i drive it on 2001 Ford F-150

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my truck when i start drivinbg it is making a sqealing noise.. i have had 3 different people say different things 1 . shocks 2. u-joints 3 . brakes.. it didnt start making the noise till i drove it on the interstate and took a exit they was working on and it was poy holes gallor.. anyone have a idea before i start spending money?
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It is hard to guess at a noise without hearing the noise first hand by being able to drive your truck.
U joints in the drive shaft should be easy to diagnoise. Drive the truck experience the noise. Pull over where safe and slide under the truck and lubricate the U-joints with a lubricant like WD-40 flood the joints, drive the truck and see if the noise then disappears. If it does the u-joint is bad.
Shocks never make a "squealing sound". Shocks can cause a thumping sound or a rattling sound if the bushings are bad.
squealing sounds to me like a belt prob. does it squeal when ever engine running or only when u r driving. if it's chirppy sound it would be a suspension issue. most moving mechanical parts grind more than squeal. i have '03 f-150. worst squeal i ever had was a broken parking brake. it was nasty. some thing else to consider(brakes).
if loud squeal prob. brakes.
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