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Q: My one month old 335i needs a new DME. Should I be concerned? What is a DME? on 2011 BMW 335i

1st the door lock relay's were bad, then car was sluggish, then lost power. It's in the shop for the 2nd time (9 day's) now. Today they are programming the DME. The car only had around a 100 miles on it when I bought it brand new (paid cash)....I'm concerned about re-occuring problems in the future....I'm not technical enough to keep up with the rush and brush off answers.....I'm afraid I bought a lemon....any help you can give me to understand what the DME does and has there been any other BMW's like mine with the same problem, I'd appreciate it.
Thanks....Grannie Gertz
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The DME is the fuel management computer; DME stands for Digital Motor Electronics. If it continues to fail after the shop replaces it then I would be concerned, otherwise it was simply a defective DME.

You say it’s 1 month old with 100 miles at time of purchase but it’s a 2011, which means this car sat around a long time before you purchased it. The 100 miles is probably from the car jockeys starting it and moving it to different locations at the dealer as it waited for a buyer.
Thanks Herb

your response makes better sense to understand. I also finally found a description of what a DME was on the BMW web. This Module controls the entire car......Once I get it back, I'll need to continue keeping track of everything. I'm glad that I told them it had to be more than just fixing the door relay's....(a quick fix is not always the "Root" of the problem).

I'll just hope the best that the new module works and I can enjoy my car.

I appreciate you taking the time to help me out.
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