Q: My "O/D OFF" light on the dash started blinking. on 2005 Ford Focus

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It started blinking tonight. I parked my car and shut the engine off. After I started it, the light went away. What does it mean and should I be worried?
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Did you get a answer yet. Asfor me I had the same problem so I had the trans. oil flushed out and replaced buy jiffy lub then 5 days later it was doing the same thing again and gote worse the trani quit all together. I found out juffy lub put in dexron III oil with aditives instead off mercon V a sinthetic oil. and I believe that took the transmition out. I recomand that you have the tranismition drained and a new filter put in at a regular garage. it does have a filter not a screan as some places think.
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