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Q: my key won't unlock/lock my door. on 1999 Ford Taurus

The car key wont allow me to lock/unlock my car from the outside, as well as allowing me to turn the key. The power locks from in the inside work fine. The key is not bent or in any kind of damage.
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I did experienced this and what I did was bought a spray lubricant and spray the keyhole and behind the key cylinder. I set it aside for the lubricant to work and then I finally could use my keys.
This has happened on my 1999 Taurus for a while on the drivers side door.

Recently, something is wrong with my battery/power system and I can not use the clicker to unlock my door.

Usually, I could unlock the door from the passengers side, but now that side is not letting me unlock it with the key.

Its exactly like you said, the key goes in but will not turn.

I am going to try the spray-lube that one person suggested.
that is exactly what my "clicker "is doing also,along with not letting my key to turn on either door to lock or unlock,very frustrating!!!If anyone has any solutions to this problem,it would be greatly appreciated,since now we can not lock our doors.We changed the battery,and still nothing regarding the remote keyless entry.PLEASE HELP!!!Oh,it also shows on my panel that it looks like all 4 doors are open- very strange.
Do you also have a 1999 Taurus?

The first thing to fix is the fact that the car thinks that a door is ajar. This is because one of your door ajar switches is faulty or sticking. Get some lubricant (even WD40 if nothing else) and spray it into the door latches on each door - on the doors themselves. Open and close each door several times, with the hope that the lubricant will free up a possibly sticking door ajar switch.

Once that is fixed, and the light on the dash indicating doors are open is off, your remote may work after all. Hard to say. You could still have a faulty transmitter or have lost the programming on the current transmitter.
Sounds like a a binding lock cylidner linkage or something that may have been dislodged if anyone ever tried to "slim - jim" the lock through the window.

You will need to remove the door panel and inspect the lock and linkage from inside.
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