Q: my fx 35 does not start right away on 2007 Infiniti FX35

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it cranks at normal cranking speed for a few seconds. I let the switch go and try again, icranks and starts but slightly stumbles but then runs smooth. there are no performance problems when driving and fuel mileage is normal. no warning lights come on on the dash
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check this---turn the key on but don't start the car, listen for the fuel pump to stop, then off then on and wait again, now try to start it, if it starts normal you have a dirty filter,bad pump,or a check valve isn't working.If it doesn't you could have leaking injectors loading up the cylinders and it takes a few seconds to clear.If this the case run your tank down to 1/2 add a full can of SEA FOAM,(parts store about $4.00).or have it cleaned professionally@ $89.00