Q: my fusion sometimes won't fully go into reverse? on 2008 Ford Fusion

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My fusion has shifted fine since i bought it until about a month ago, now sometimes it wont fully go into reverse. i can let it roll back a bit with the clutch in and then it will go in, or play around with the shifter and eventually it will go into gear. It doesnt matter if the car is running or not. It will work fine for days then one day it won't want to go into reverse. i took it in to ford and they said that there was nothing wrong with it and that it was probably the way I was moving the shifter into reverse. they "showed" me the "proper" way to move it into reverse and told me that the slightest movement upward would make the car think it was in 5th so then it wouldn't go into reverse. I am not happy with this diagnosis and i am wondering if anyone else has had this issue with their fusion and if so what the problem was or if it is actually just me? ford said the new ones do it too but wouldn't show me. Thanks
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thats sounds way off base. go to a trans shop and have them check it for you. it sounds like something with the slider in reverse.

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