Q: My car was smogged last year, will I have to have it smogged again this year for on 2002 Ford Escort

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registration. thanks.
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ONLY if you sell a vehicle? REALLY? How about if it is a HIGH EMITTER? or if it failed once before as a GROSS POLLUTER?
In California, smogs are bi-annually...meaning every TWO years. So unless you sell your vehicle, or it is branded a HIGH EMITTER, or was a GROSS should not worry about smog this year for registration.
No Linda, they don't brand vehicles as HIGH EMITTERS only because of age...they have a record of all vehicles smogged and those which have higher emissions than most other vehicles are considered HIGH EMITTERS. I doubt that your vehicle is one of them...
thank you. I know my car needs some work but don't want to have extra expensive with smogging the car.
make sure you have no "check engine" light on before smogging it...otherwise, you should be fine...
I know this because I have a faulty LIGHT ENGINE LIGHT, the mechanic I have used said it's no big deal, just bad gas mileage. I am having an oil change today and they said it could be something serious...this has been going on now for a few years and the car runs great. The light may stay off for months then comes on then off. My problem now is the speedometer, odometer and horn aren't working. This can be some serious work.
thanks for all your input.
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