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Q: my car shuts off while i am driving on 2000 Saturn LS2

when i try to turn my car on it will not start. sometimes it does. i have to wait at least an hour to restart it and then it will turn on again. there is no telling or warning of when it will shut off again. i want to know what it could be? one mechanic said the head gasket... i dont even know what that is. but i think it would make my car over heat. am i right?
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A headgasket will not cause this, and it would tend to overheat if it was bad. This sounds more like an issue with a fuel pump, a fuel pump relay or something else electrical in the fuel management system. Have you checked to see if there are any diagnostic trouble codes stored in the system? Have someone check the fuel pressure when it doesn't start and check for proper ignition to the cylinders.
Thanks for the info on the ignition module aafsniper, I didn't know they had issues with those, but it doesn't surprise me. It sure doesn't sound like GM thought about the heat when they mounted the module!
Actually, it sounds more like a problem with the ignition module. Sometimes they work when they are cool, but because it's attached directly to the engine block, they get hot quick, not to mention it's directly next to the exhaust manifold. I'm not sure of your prices, but you can get one here for about $400. A salvage yard may sell you the ignition module and both coils for about $100. Some auto parts stores can actually test the module if it's removed and brought to them. Good luck!!!
it is your camshaft sensor. I've gotten it replaced and it still does the same thing every once in a while.
Mine was also a camshaft sensor. Replaced it and the problem disappeared. Saturn mechanic said all the other things mentioned above, it was very difficult to diagnose. I waited until it got so bad that the computer logged it. I did not want to spend lots of money on possible fixes. It was random, but the engine would generally start if I turned the engine over for 5-6 short 2-3 second bursts with a pause between each.
Check battery connections and ground wires running to engines, heard of this stuff happening before and thats whats caused the problem, easily fixed too jsut have a look around for any loose wires :)
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