Q: My car recently throw a code P0026. on 2005 Volvo S60

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According to Autozone this code is for the "Intake valve control solenoid circuit range/performance bank 1."

Is this a correct description for the code on a 2005 Volvo S60? If so, what could be the causes for the code and how could I fix it?
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All of this was to fix the P0026 intake reset solenoid.

keep in mind that this P0026 code is a generic code and it does not correspond with any of the CEL's that volvo uses. The volvo code that I was handed was for the gas leak sensor, not the solenoid.

If you feel the need to check the solenoid:

you can pull the solenoid off and inspect it. It is located behind the Oil cap on the valve cover, looks like a roll of quaters sticking up out of the valve cover. It has one torx screw holding it in, you may have to pull pretty hard and maybe twist a little to get it out. clean it if necessary, then check the electrical connectors and make sure there is a small resistance across the two pins.
Yes this code has to do with a malfunction with the variable valve timing, specifically the intake valves, on your S-60. Have a good Volvo shop inspect this problem to see why the variable valve timing is not working correctly.
Thank you. The light/code went away by itselt. I will wait a few days to see if it comes back and I will have a shop look at it.
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