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Q: My car keeps shutting off while driving! on 1992 Honda Prelude

Hi, I recently started having a problem with my engine shutting down on my 92 Prelude Si, its got about 220000 miles on the body but the engine was rebuilt due to accident. It first happened a week ago right after I filled up gas, I went to turn the ignition and it just died, not cranking, no sound, just completely shutdown, and the lights wouldn't turn on or anything. As if battery was completely dead. My buddy jumped me and I was good to go. Couple days later, it shut down on my while i was driving, I think I was in second gear slowly accelerating, and I couldn't crank it over for a few minutes. Then it was fine. Then next day same problem, much more frequent, every 10 to 15 minutes it would shut down while driving and the check engine light comes on and shuts off. It would crank but not start until a few times cranking and hitting gas, and once it starts, check engine light dissappears until it shuts down again. Any suggestions? I am going to clean battery terminals, check voltage on the battery, voltage on alternator. Any help would be great! Thanks!
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I had a 93 Honda Prelude that I had the motor rebuilt on. While driving I noticed the tachometer and speedometer would bounce up and down (like a bad ground) and then when I attempted to accelerate the vehicle would die. I went to autozone and talked with a buddy. I bought the ignition control module (take off the distributor cap and it mounts right on the inside of the engine. Has a couple wires that plug into it and a coupld of phillip head screws). I replaced that (around 50 or 60 dollars) my car ran just fine.
I had the same problem. I resolved the problem by changing the ignition electrical hardness. It is about $ 50 dollars at the auto part store. You need to remove all the plastic covers on the steering wheel and remove the ignition switch disconnect the electrical harness. The harness goes from the ignition switch to the fuse box inside the vehicle. Also disconnect you battery first and you need time and patient to get this work done good luck.
If your Battery, Cables, Connections and Alternator out put tests and inspects correctly then try jiggling your ignition switch in your driveway while your car is running. Do it by moving the key up and down very quickly. Honda had a lot of issues with there ignition switches, and yours may be worn out. If this is not productive, then you need to have a good diagnostic tech inspect for your dying problem
Ok, I tested the battery and alternator with a multimeter, and the battery was at 14 volts while the alternator was 50 volts, do those numbers sound right? Plus how would I troubleshoot the ignition switch?
Alright, I got a better instruction on testing the battery and alternator and they are both good, does anyone have any other suggestions on the culprit?
You appear to be on the right track, I would check the battery connections, and the connections at the other end of the battery cables. I am not too familiar with imports, but it may also be an ignition switch (electrical) problem.
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