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Q: My car has created big problem. on 2002 Kia Sedona

Yesterday, 04 April 2009,While driving on a level road at 120-km//hr my car suddenly jerk or slippping.The engine rpm increases but the speed decreasses.I feel that the gear shifting at least from the fourth gear to third.
I stop the car for a while and when the car shifter to REVERSE a strong JERK observe.
please advise....

Any answer please......
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I'm afraid you might have to take it in to be checked. Transmission problems on new cars can be caused by computer problems or something internal or some sensors. The dealer should be able to make sure the software is up to date and scan the computer for problems. I hope this helps
Speed sensor data is important to run properly and shift properly. Your speedometer is most likely functioning properly , those typically run on the output speed sensor. The computer uses input and output sensor data to control the transmission and, in some cases, speed sensor data is used for the fuel injection controls.

This is a site that anyone working on a Kia should be made aware of. Kia publishes their service bulletins and shop manuals for the public. All you need is a valid email to register and I've never received anything from them after the initial reg (it's free).

Looking up P0715, the manual says to inspect the connector condition, then measure voltage at each pin. There's a decision tree from there saying to check the sensor output and so-on. One thing I can mention that if P0715 is detected 4 times, the transmission will go into fail-safe mode and lock into 3rd or 2nd gear.
Hi, Andy Y
Thank you for the feed back, I will bring my car in the repair shop ,where in they have the capbility to check in the computer.... I encounter this problem last 8 months... I brought my car to the shop. they have computer program. What they found in the data... P0715 input/turbine speed sensor malfunction..Computer reset and works well...however it takes only 8 months till now.
Hi Andy,
Many thanks for your response, appreciate...I did it myself to check and repair what is the rootcause?...kindly find mentioned below the history:
Day 1 August- Sept 2008
I brougth my car to a friend and advise me to reset the computer..6 months works well, normal.
Day 2 February 2009
it takes 6 months to go free and there is no unusual problem.
Day 3 February 16, 2009
The car suddenly slipping while driving 100km/hr.The rpm increases from the normal 2300rpm become 3500rpm
Day 4 February 18 2009
Do it yourself- Remove the output speed sensor and the connections and check, The battery connections also remove + and - say 1 minute.. put it back start and its fine.. Normal, this activities takes two(2) months before it getting back to abnormal..

I feel that you are rigth..The transmission go to fail safe mode and lock into 2nd or 3rd gear..Icant move beyonf this ..the speed up to 100km/hr only. if I increase the speed more than 100km/hr the rpm increases..afraid it might be getting engine hot for travelling 260 km before reaches to the shop.Im staying in U.A.E Abu Dhabi Ruwais...we do have only one shop here in Ruwais..This car type of problem cannot rely with them.. No choice ,to bring to the shop 260km away.

Again thank you for your spare time...hopefully not the automatic transmission problem.
PS: By the way it is nessesary to replace the computer..where can i find in my car? . is it costly?
Val Dizon

Hi Andy,
I would like to thank you for sharing part of my Kia Sedona which created big problem.
Appreciated your valuable support....I brought my car in the service center Juma Al- Majid in U.A.E Abu Dhabi. They found out that harneshed wiring connector connected to the computer and sensor with which they repaired.the result is being positive and my car is working and operating in normal condition.

Again thank you for you expertised. I will shared this information which you provided to my colleagues so that they will have additional knowledge.
Best regards.
Val dizon
owner Kia Sedona
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