Q: my car has been driving rough not changing gears smoothlyfor about 2 weeks, on 2009 Pontiac G6

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My check engine light is on and it was hooked up to a computer code P0013 came up. This morning driving to work only 15 miles not on freeway, the service traction and engine power reduced flashed on my screen. My car went down 40 miles. luckly I was right by work. Can you tell me what this means?
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Hello Pontiac G6 Owner,

I would start by having someone check your engine oil level. This code is related to the camshaft position and a valve that is controlled by oil pressure. If your oil is very low or dirty, it could set this code. Also, if you oil is low, you will start wearing out your new car's engine.

If the oil level checks okay, there is most likely an issue with the cam position sensor, control valve, computer, or wiring issue.

Let me know if you need anymore help,

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