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Q: My car cuts off when I stop at a light or brake. on 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt

Hello. I have a Chevy Cobalt LS, year 2006. About six month after I brought it (I brought it used at about 23000 miles), the security system along with the remote keyless entry, and the electronic locks stopped working. Sometimes the locks would just unlock and lock by themselves while I am driving. Then about three months ago, while breaking my car stalled on me. But the confusing thing about it was, before it stalled I was pressing on the brakes and it idled a little rough and then it just stalled. No warning light came on and the CD player and lights were still functioning. I put the car in park and turned the key off and then cranked it back up again. And the weird part is, it cranked up BEAUTIFULLY like it always did, I never have to sit and wait for it, I just crank it up again. So for the past three months it has been doing that about twice or three times a week when I brake or come to a stoplight and press on the brakes.

It doesnt need a tune up because my car is only at 83000 miles. My engine isnt running hot nor can I see any visible leaks on the ground when I move the car or when I pop the hood and try to look for them myself. I get a regular oil change every three months. I do not believe it is the converter.

If anyone has any information as to what is possibly wrong with my car, could you please let me know.
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Mine is doing the same thing!!!! It has 108,000 miles on it!!! Chevy needs to get their crap together!! There is so many posts i have been reading about these cars doing this it appears that there is a problem!!!
even though your car has 83k, it may need some attention to some of the tune up type of maintenance, such as ignition coil boots etc. The 100,000 mile before needing a tune up is a myth, in my experience.
Also, you may have a vacuum leak, seeing as when you press on the brake, the engine tends to idle/run rough and stall, the brake booster uses vacuum.
If yo don't really know how to inspect these things, go to a shop, NOT a parts store to get some help, the parts store people mean well, but they are not trained.
I have been dealing with the same mine has 88,000 on it first told fuel pump they replaced it twice still did it, now they are putting timing chain & gears as say it jumped time but it runs fine on the road sucks!!! $1,200. for the latest
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