Q: my 95 Altima 5-speed standard is in great shape but recently it lacks power on 1995 Nissan Altima

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My altima (standard shift) lacks power and it stalls while the air conditioner is running. It idles great but after running for a while and after using the A/C it gets very low on power while taking off and dies sometimes. I will push flat on the gas pedal and it goes no where for about 5-10 seconds but later catches up.
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Not enough info. Is check engine light on? One possible cause could be a restricted Catalytic converter. Need more input to help you.
Thanks for your response. I have no check engine lights on at this time. i changed EGR, Mast Airflow Sensor,fuel pressure regulator and I still have that nasty dragging/hesitation and when the excelarator pedal is flat to the floor I feel resistence. I took the catalytic converter off and took to the Auto Parts store to get me a new onebut they seem to think it looks good. There is no break down of the mesh etc. I'm puzzle!!