Q: My '91 Corolla will not start. When I turn the key there is no clicking at all. on 1991 Toyota Corolla

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I can push start the car to get it started, but I cannot get it to start on it's own. All my friends seem to think it's my starter and I guess this model is notorious for that happening, but I just want to know why else it might do that. There is no clicking noise when I turn the key, and I know it is not my battery, alternator, or engine (all of those have been checked). Does anyone know what else this could be or if it is for sure the starter?
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It is most likely the starter but before jumping to conclusions make sure all connections are clean tight and secure, get a friend to hold the ignition switch in the start position and verify you have power at the small wire at the starter (ie ignition switch is good. Hand brake applied, in Neutral or Park supply 12 volts to the small wire at the starter if it doesn't energize the starter the starter is bad.